True Light Entertainment is a production company dedicated to servicing for the needs of the audio and visual world. We work with musicians, producers and other production companies to facilitate services in todays ever changing media industry. Through utilising a keen knowledge of the music-business and music-scene, a knowledge which has been supplemented by constantly keeping an ear out on the street, True Light Entertainment are forging the way forward to bring the public a new-breed of music. A style of music that is from the heart and which conveys deep messages, a style of music that makes the listener sit-up and take note, a type of music that exudes “True Light”. Not just a record label, True Light Entertainment exists as a one-stop entity which allows music artists to express themselves, both sonically and visually. Through combining a forward thinking and unique record label with state of the art sound engineering and video production facilities, True Light Entertainment are able to offer like-minded artists from a variety of genres the ability to reach their ambitions and showcase their art confidently to a mass worldwide audience. True Light Entertainment also facilitates for all corporate and business related needs within the audio and visual fields. For more information on our services refer to the corporate and services sections.